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On Being Vegan

Bites, Vegan, CultureNatalie Wright

3 months ago, my boyfriend and I decided to try going vegan. This was a big decision for us, as we utilized animal proteins at every meal. But, like many millennials, we watched a documentary on Neflix that inspired us to make the change. Our thought process was: we might as well try it, it can’t hurt us! If we didn’t end up liking it, we would just incorporate animal products back into our diet.

When starting out on this journey, we were curious about a few things:

  1. Would we feel any different?
  2. Would we save money?
  3. Would we always be hungry?
  4. Would we lose weight?
  5. How long would we actually stick with this?

FEELING: I speak for myself when I say that I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels since changing to a plant based diet. I find that after I eat, I feel lighter and energized rather than heavy and sluggish. I’ve also noticed that my sleep cycle has been more normal than it used to (which could be related to many factors, but I feel that this may be one of them).

BUDGET: As far as saving money goes, there’s no denying that purchasing a can of beans is more affordable than buying chicken or beef. Our grocery bills are more frequent eating vegan because we’re eating out less, which overall, saves us money. We found that eating vegan at home was 100x easier than trying to eat out because society doesn’t really cater to vegans. I will say, there are good options available (looking at you, J Selby), you just have to look for them.

HANGRY: Surprisingly, I don’t find that I am hungry all the time. I eat until I’m satisfied and that tides me over until my next meal. It’s really helped to find a plant based protein powder, as well as protein bars, that we can use to help stay fuller longer throughout the day.

WEIGHT: The verdict is out on whether we’ve lost weight as we don’t own a scale, but I’d say we are about the same. #VegansEatCarbs

TIME COMMITMENT: 3 months after we started, we still eat a largely plant based diet. We aren't as strict as we were when we first began, but nearly all the groceries we buy are still vegan. Every so often we’ll have animal products when we’re at an event or a restaurant, because sometimes that’s just easier. You gotta pick your battles. 

Overall, I enjoy being vegan way more than I thought I would, and crave cheese way less than I expected. I don’t doubt that we’ll incorporate quality animal products back into our diet one day, but for now, we’re sticking with the plants.