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The Best Birthday Waffle

Bites, Local, CoffeeNatalie Wright

You know what I really enjoy? My family and waffles. On my birthday this week, I got to combine the two. I had the honor of having breakfast with my mom to kick off the festivities. As you can tell by the photo, the day started out pretty awesome.

Groundswell's Earl Grey Waffle is one for the books. It has the perfect blend of Earl Grey and just plain awesome waffle goodness. Topped with lemon curd, fresh blackberries, and whipped cream, how can you say no.... really.

As my mom is gluten and dairy free, I think that's the only excuse I know of to say no to said waffle. But, was still able to find a sweet treat. Groundswell has some pretty tasty options for those who have dietary restrictions. Her choice was a gluten and dairy free cardamom macaroon, which was perfection as well.

Both of us paired our breakfast choices with some smooth Dogwood coffee. Unfortunately, the coffee snob in me does not know what specific kind it was, because I didn't ask. Dogwood is always a win-win-win-win for my taste buds and caffeine addiction so I didn't bother wasting my breath. BUT. Regardless, it was the perfect pair to some damn good breakfast.

Cheers to my next year and many more tasty things to come!