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Bites, Travel, CultureNatalie Wright

What did I learn from my trip to New Orleans? I learned that there is a place in the United States that doesn’t quite seem like the United States. It is like a different country.

The food, the vibrant colors, vibrant people. the music, the drinking, it’s unlike any other place you will find in the United States.

It is a place that everyone should visit. It’s a place where you can relax, yet not at the same time. You can take a deep breath and take in everything. All the positivity, energy and grace that is seen. All the creativity. You soak it all in. Yet, at the same time, you come home more exhausted than when you left because of this energy.

New Orleans is a place where you feel so full. Full of delicious food and drink, obviously, but also full of life, full of love and full of color. I have yet to go to a place that makes me feel this way, and I can see why so many people enjoy it.

It can be summarized by one experience, of many, we had when we were visiting. We stopped by Frenchmen Street to see a band at a bar. We ended up stumbling across a local art market and got to chat with artists and their assistants about their inspiration, mediums, etc. followed by a brass band that had shut down the street to play. A man was selling beers from his cooler on the street for people to enjoy the show.

Where can you go to easily access so much culture and life? To just stumble across art and liveliness that cannot be faked. To create lifelong memories from a trip that was completely unintentional. That is New Orleans.

In some places, you have to look hard to find spirit, but not here. Here, you have to look hard to not find it. In New Orleans, you take one step forward, back, or side to side and you find “it.” You find something that will impact you for the rest of your life.

This is New Orleans. This is what I brought home with me (not including the beads).