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Spotted: the perfect croissant.

Bites, Local, PastryNatalie WrightComment

If there's one thing pastry fans love to find, it's the perfect croissant. Friends, look no further. Behold Trung Nam French Bakery

Nestled off University Avenue in St. Paul, Trung Nam truly is a gem. Open since 1989, they provide a variety of offerings, from baguettes to banh mi sandwiches. 

My treat of choice is their chocolate croissant with a Vietnamese iced coffee. Their chocolate croissant has a delectable flakiness that just melts in your mouth, a slightly crispy crunchy top, and the perfect amount of chocolatey goodness on the inside. The Vietnamese iced coffee has a balance of strong-in-your-face coffee flavor with just a hint of sweetness. Done and done.

Side note: when you visit, be sure to bring cash! This establishment is cash only, and, I'm telling you, it is WORTH THE TRIP to the ATM.

Where's your favorite spot for a croissant?