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Tour de Marechal Foch Continued

Bottles, Local, Minnesota, WineNatalie Wright

I've written about another MN made Marechal Foch, but today's feature is close to my heart.

I had the opportunity to work at St. Croix Vineyards on a part time basis, and their Foch is one of my favorites that they make and also one of my favorites, in general.

Marechal Foch first originated in Europe and was named after a French general (Ferdinand Foch). Foch is now commonly grown in the states, both Eastern and is also popular to grow here in Minnesota. Generally speaking, I love the lighter body of Marechal Foch, and also the rich, beautiful color.

Specifically speaking, the SCV Foch has awesome cherry and palm favors with the perfect amount of tartness. If I could, I would drink this everyday because it pairs with so many things (i.e. a great steak, sharp white cheddar cheese, dark chocolate, pasta...). An easy to drink, classic red table wine.

In my tour de Foch, so far this is the winner, but I look forward to more stops along the way.