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Adventures in White Wine

Bottles, Wine, Whites, California GrapesNatalie Wright

If someone were to ask me if I preferred red, pink or white, I would say RED every single time. When I go to the store to buy red wine, I feel like I know what I'm doing. When it comes to white wine, I feel like a lost puppy.

Last weekend, I was craving something cool and refreshing to go with the hot and humid weather, so decided to go the liquor store down the street and try to find a white wine. I haven't gone on this type of excursion since I was in college and enjoyed the sugary juice varieties of white wine (thanks for the good times, Barefoot Moscato).

After much deliberation and staring at the endless options, I decided on Line 39's Sauvignon Blanc. I thought I remembered that Sav Blanc wasn't as sweet as other types of whites (thankfully I was correct). When I opened up this baby and took my first sip, I was happy. This wine is full of grapefruit flavor and a hint of lemon. Crisp and refreshing, it really was enjoyable for me to drink.

As someone who typically enjoys reds that are on the dry side, this Sauvignon Blanc helped make white wine less scary for me. I think I'll give them another go.

What are your favorite white wines? Clearly, needing recommendations.