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3 Simple Rules to Help You Choose a Wine Glass

Bottles, Wine, Whites, Party, Reds, ChampagneNatalie Wright

When it comes to wine glasses, there are many questions I ask myself:

  • Which glass do I use for red wine? 
  • White wine?
  • Champagne?
  • Do I actually need to buy all these things?

So, really. What is the deal with wine glasses? Are all these options really necessary? As is with most things, it is up to the person. But, here are 3 rules of thumb to follow when choosing a wine glass for your vino:

  1. Air = Reaction. When it comes to wine, the flavors, tone, structure and scent are all affected by the amount of air they are exposed to. So, the larger shape of the wine glass, the more air the wine interacts with, which in turn, affects its flavor. Some wines, heavy bodied reds for example, are designed with this in mind so it is recommended that you drink this from a wider rimmed glass so you can aerate (AKA swirl) without spilling the wine. White some wines, like delicate whites, lose their scent with more air exposure so it's recommended to drink them from slimmer shaped glass.
  2. Reign in the bubbles. Celebrating with champagne or sparkling wine? Make sure to drink champ out of flutes or VERY slim glasses so you can keep the carbonation bubbly as long as possible and keeping the aroma for you to enjoy.
  3. Stem is important. As much as I love stemless glasses, stems do serve a purpose: less exposure to heat (your body heat, that is). As we hold stemless glasses, the heat from our hands can affect the taste in a negative way and takes away from your wine tasting experience.

So, there you have it. Just a few of rules when it comes to picking out a wine glass. Now, please excuse me while I clean the dust off of my glassware with stems....