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Trader Joe's Gem

Bottles, California Grapes, Reds, WineNatalie Wright

Reason I love Trader Joes #849: their unique, affordable and delicious wine selection (we all know that reason is much higher on the list than 849).

I recently tried a new Trader Joe's California Red: Wish Flower. I wasn't planning to write about this wine, to be honest, but it was so good I had to recommend it.

Why I gave it a thumbs up:

  • Its smooth and fruity flavor that had just a hint of cinnamon-y spice.
  • I loved the medium body it had which made it super easy to drink.
  • Wish Flower would be great on its own (and it was) but I also paired it with my leftover Mojo Monkey donuts and that was an excellent pairing, as well.

What are your favorite wines to get at Trader Joe's?