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Wake Up Winter Tea Review

Brews, Minnesota, Tea, ReviewNatalie Wright
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Yet another reason to love Trader Joe’s: their seasonal teas. This season, TJ’s has a couple really great options. My favorite? Wake Up Winter Tea.

It officially feels like winter here in Minnesota so this tea comes at no better time. A perfect blend of cinnamon, orange, ginger and cloves, this spiced black tea screams Christmas and also, cozy up with me in the morning.

This tea would pair well with scones, biscuits, other breakfast carbs, or simply on its own.

Another option? Try this tea steeped for a bit longer with a bit of steamed milk to create a spice tea latte. I haven’t tried this myself yet, but I think the tea’s flavors would balance really well with some milk. Speaking of lattes, it is on my list to purchase a milk frother so I can make lattes at home, stay tuned for that in a blog post to come!

So, Trader Joe’s, you have done it again. But are we really that surprised?