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Calm and Clarity to a Gloomy Day

Brews, Local, Fair Trade, Pacific NorthwestNatalie Wright

There's something about drinking coffee on a stormy morning that just feels right. The comfort of holding a ceramic mug full of a warm, tasty, CAFFEINATED beverage to start your day.

This morning was gloomy, but what was in my coffee cup certainly wasn't. Today's choice was a birthday gift from my wonderful cousin who lives out in Washington. And, boy, is this coffee wonderful, just like her.

Vashon Island Coffee Roaster's "Rainier Rising," roasted in Washington state, filled my cup this morning and I have no complaints about that. A perfectly smooth cup of coffee, this light Italian roast has earth tones with just the right amount of smoke. A cup of coffee that could pair with just about everything.

Want to know a cool fact about Vashon Island? Their beans are secured through The Vashon Island Coffee Foundation, which strives to assist the communities who produce their coffee beans with fair wages and an encouragement of education and independence. Knowing where your coffee comes from, and knowing that the organization practices fair trade with a high quality product, makes that cup even better. 

Cheers to making gloomy mornings better with companies that are doing good and creating great products!