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Bulletproof Coffee Bandwagon: On or Off?

Brews, Coffee Snob, Fair Trade, Minnesota, What's the Deal With, New ThingsNatalie Wright

Has anyone looked around lately and noticed that people are putting butter in their coffee these days? Why hello there, Bulletproof Coffee.

When I first heard about the idea of blending butter and coconut oil with your cup of coffee, honestly, my first response was disgust. Then intrigue. So much so that I caved and decided to try it myself.

Before I tried this concoction, I wanted to figure out why: WHY do people want to blend their coffee with things that don't really sound like they pair well. Essentially, what I hear, is that the combination of coffee with the healthy fats in Bulletproof can energize your brain function and promote fat loss with minimal cravings. 

Which sounds great, in theory, but I want something that actually tastes good. And my mother always taught me not to knock something before I try it, so here we are. 

The Process: For my at home version of Bulletproof Coffee, I used Trader Joe's Organic Fair Trade Breakfast Blend (for no other reason than you are supposed to use organic fair trade coffee and I like a light roast), Trader Joe's ghee, Aldi's organic coconut oil and a little bit of honey. To start, I brewed my coffee in a regular coffee pot, then I poured about two (hot) cups into my Magic Bullet and added one tablespoon of Ghee, 1 1/2 teaspoons of coconut oil and about a teaspoon of honey. Blend for about 20 seconds and there you have it. Bulletproof coffee.

Initial Thoughts: I've tried this twice, and the first version I made was WAY too buttery. It's weird to drink coffee and having the leading flavor be butter and not coffee. The second time around I used a little over half the amount of ghee and a little extra coconut oil and it was much, much better. Once you get over the fact that you are drinking oil, it's really not bad. The butter and coconut oil add a really smooth and creamy texture with a nutty tint to it. I did notice that I needed less coffee than I usually do (the first time I did this I got pretty jittery, so I made less the second time), and it gave me really good focus and energy without a caffeine crash. I can't speak much to a suppressed appetite as I'm not super hungry in the morning to begin with.

The Verdict: Bulletproof coffee is definitely a bit more labor intensive than just brewing a pot, but for the lack of caffeine crash and the mental energy it provides, I'd say it's worth it. At this point, you won't see me making this everyday, but definitely on a weekly basis.

What's your verdict? Are you yay or nay for the Bulletproof Coffee Bandwagon?