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Herbal Coffee: should you try it?

Brews, Coffee Snob, New Things, What's the Deal WithNatalie Wright

As a coffee lover, I'm intrigued with nearly anything that includes the word "coffee" in the title. I've heard some pretty positive reviews about herbal coffee as of late and was curious what all the fuss was about.

I think it's pretty cool that there's an option for people who want to avoid the caffeine and acidic properties you'll find in a traditional cup of coffee. Not to mention the health benefits you may receive herbal coffee like improved digestion, increased focus and nutritional content. Using ingredients like dandelion root, chicory root and carob, companies are able to make a natural product that tastes similar to what people already love.

As a caffeine lover, full disclosure, I did try this Teeccino coffee in the afternoon rather than using it as a replacement for my daily cup of joe. No one is a happy camper when I don't have my caffeine in the morning. So, my caffeine addicted self brewed a cup of Teeccino's Dandelion Dark Roast at 2 p.m.  using one of their convenient tea bags. All you have to do is boil up some water and put the bag in.

The first thing I noticed when I opened the packaging was how GOOD it smelled. The combination of chicory root and carob in this blend made it smell like a mocha in a coffee shop. I let the tea bag steep for a few minutes until I thought the color looked right (I'm very good at following directions) and drank the tea without adding any cream or sweetener.

VERDICT: The flavor really did taste like a good cup of coffee, to me. It was not as strong as I would've liked, but that was definitely due to human error as I should've let it steep longer. Apart from that, I have no complaints. 

If you're looking for a non-caffeinated coffee option, I would recommend giving this a try! If you're a die hard caffeine fan, this is probably not your cup of tea (ha). 8/10 stars.