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Tea. That changes color?

Natalie Wright
Photo Jan 07, 9 54 30 AM.jpg

Yep, you read that right. For Christmas this year, I was gifted a tea that claims to change color when you add lemon.

The creator, Yumchaa, is a tea company located in the U.K. and strives to provide teas that are innovative and high quality (i.e. teas that change color). They even have a spot on their website where you can look at teas based off the mood you're feeling.

Introducing, Yumchaa's Blue Voodoo tea: the tea that changes color. A green tea with goji berries, lemongrass, pomegranate seeds, cornflower blossoms and blue pea flowers. 

I was definitely skeptical at first of their claim at first... would it actually be a noticeable color change when I added the lemon? Here's the verdict:

  • Pre-Lemon: blueberry flavor, bluish green color
  • Post-Lemon: blueberry lemon flavor, bluish purple color

I was impressed with how vivid the color was in this tea and that it was a noticeable change, it really was beautiful (see photos below that don't actually do it justice).

If you like blueberry and pretty colors, give this one a try!