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My Cold Weather Starbucks Drink

Coffee Snob, BrewsNatalie Wright
What to Order at Starbucks

I am a self-proclaimed coffee snob.

For a long time, I would turn my nose up at Starbucks and not even give it a chance. Why? Their coffee didn't taste good to me, their froth was bubbly like dish soap, and their drinks had half the amount of espresso and double the amount of extra fluff.

Well, my friends, I have seen the light and have discovered a few drinks that I actually like at Starbucks. 

Considering I write this as I stare out the window at (yet another) snow storm in Minnesota, I thought I'd share with my Starbucks drink of choice for when it's cold outside.

Presenting: the Flat White with coconut milk.

Why I like this drink: the Flat White at Starbucks uses more espresso than in their "regular drinks" and the froth they use on this drink is 100x better than a traditional latte (i.e. more froth less bubbles). And the coconut milk because, vegan.

So, there you have it! What I will actually order at Starbucks. Are you a Starbucks person? What's your coffee drink of choice?

Starbucks Flat White with Coconut Milk